Presently the masterclasses are online. 

Each month you are given various tasks based on that month’s technique/genre.  Tasks are completed in your own time at your own pace. These are then returned to us in the form of a self tape for personal assessment and feedback.  We even have a monthly competition!

Please get in touch for more details.



Acting Masterclasses


In both the Juniors and Seniors classes the main focus of the session is learning to act for screen, creating character, auditioning, script work and career advice. 

This doesn’t mean that the sessions are only for those wanting a career in acting.  Some of our students attend as a hobby, enjoying learning in a friendly environment. 

Junior Workshops ( 1 hour) 12 years and under: £15

Alongside the regular acting training, the juniors will be working towards a showcase in front of industry professionals who are looking to cast young perfromers in their projects. 

Adult Workshops (2 hours): £25

Alongside the regular training the Seniors are working towards a FEATURE FILM which will be produced by an OSCAR WINNING PRODUCTION TEAM 

Refunds are given up to 48 hours before the session if you are unable to attend. After that, you will have the option to attend 2 classes the following month.


Mitchel Arts Centre